Friday, January 22, 2010

The Last Train Home

It wasn't that you left me, it was how. And it's not that I miss you, it's what you're missing.

@fanplankton (Twitter Winner)

One of those days that doesn't leave you breathless, doesn't leave you wanting more. It just leaves you.

- Laura Steer (Facebook Winner)


Twitter Entries

nadis #pleasefindthis I'd move heaven and earth to see you again. I tried. They moved. You didn't.

alanzongo i never stopped trying to catch up with you. then i realised you were the one who was finding it hard to keep up with me. #pleasefindthis

eriecz sometimes i forgot that the one who's sitting next to me is not you anymore. #pleasefindthis

hayleyyyyyyyyyy I wish I could think of the right words to say, but, as it turns out, when it comes to you the right words just don't exist. #pleasefindthis

_niclee It doesn't bother me that we might run out of sweet nothings someday. We can always find something else to do with our lips. #pleasefindthis

ardentLESS I see your eyes in the rush but my hands can't keep pace. I say "any longer is a luxury." you uncross your legs. #pleasefindthis

madhattie #pleasefindthis My heart is the station in your hometown, and you can never miss the last train home.

ShelleyB1980 #pleasefindthis It is not the train speeding you away from me that scares me. What scares me is the promise of its eventual return.

kayaaa #pleasefindthis I could never forget what you look like when you're smiling. Or walking away from me.

xotinamarie And I don't care where you go.. So long as I am your last train home #pleasefindthis

whosoftlyasks I thought I saw you yesterday.Only, you looked straight at me without speaking.That is to say, I'm sure I saw you yesterday. #pleasefindthis

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis Even as the mountains crumble, the oceans dry, and the sky begins to fall; I'll love you. And that's the problem.

ColorsOnThePage I am static on the phone far away.But one day you will have more than just the night wrapping you in its arms as you sleep. #pleasefindthis

madhattie #pleasefindthis Just because this train heads home, you don't have to end up there. Let's make an adventure. I'll pay for your ticket.

madhattie #pleasefindthis This line is closed for maintenance. Repairs will be made as soon as possible. You'll be home soon. Meanwhile, stay with me.

justlikealways #pleasefindthis I would turn around and look back if you could promise that there would be something to see.

ninja_sunshades I know your world is spinning but there's just something so poetic about you and all your problems. #pleasefindthis

dal_cuore The Return. I saw in its reflection someone we once knew. I've waited in silence long enough. I'm coming, I'll find you. #pleasefindthis

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis We loved. We loved like the destined in fairytales. Except, we were not destined to love but to have loved. We were great.

omgitskyla i am the ocean and you are the moon. you keep pulling me in. but just when i think i've reached you, i'm pulled away again #pleasefindthis

Verbalina I know you won't be visiting me next week...just like the previous missed visits #pleasefindthis

Kanilyn I watch your smile through the reflection of windows and eyes of a coward- If I look you in the eye, I might turn to stone #pleasefindthis

dyezebel all this time i thought you were beside me, only to find that you had gone, and i was left behind. motionless. #pleasefindthis

Bismystagename I can't decide: whenever I'm with you, is the world spinning out madly around us, or is it just a humdrum case of vertigo? #pleasefindthis

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis Deceit. Betrayal. Walls. Moats. I've tried everything. Time won't stop and you won't stay. I was just another stop.

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis Maybe I'll fall asleep/Maybe miss that stop/Buy more time/But all trips end eventually & all I can look back on are ruins

bamitsnatty #pleasefindthis I said that you yourself must be happy before making others happy. You said you understood. I was glad. Then you left.

ColorsOnThePage I'm sorry I knocked it down.But I'll build you that castle all over again,and inside will be your heart,forever kept by me. #pleasefindthis

Ningsters There are so many ways to get to you. But all I want is some shelter and a coffee. #pleasefindthis

serrarogers #pleasefindthis The clock is ticking. Keep your eyes on the beautiful things for you never know when it will be the last thing you see.

mmmchocolatey We said we'd love each other forever. I didn't realize that meant only until the rain stopped. #pleasefindthis

AnIndigoMoon #pleasefindthis We need the unreality, the blur of love blindsiding us, to be able to function. I've lied every time I said 'I love you.'

blueSKIES247 it's lonely times like these when i think of you and wonder if you're thinking of me and wondering if i'm thinking of you. #pleasefindthis

vivajuliana High above this town, I can figure out a rhyme and a reason to us. But what happens when I fall back down to earth? #pleasefindthis

blueSKIES247 you are fast. you loved me and then you were gone, before i had the chance love you back. you know you have brakes, right? #pleasefindthis

outintheflowers for once, i know you're the one waiting for me. #pleasefindthis

OtherGeorgeDub When we're together, the rest of the world flies by like the landscape through the window of a speeding train. I like that. #pleasefindthis

MadmansDaughter #pleasefindthis i will still seek to love the one i'm suppose to love... i still need to choose to you, more than you'll ever know

carebearstare Everything is fast. Everything blurs. Let speed fuel your heartbeat and breathe the seconds before you drown. Don't stop. #pleasefindthis

AmaliaAmelia #pleasefindthis And is time for you to walk, to stand in the rain and hear what's fall.

ladygray87 #pleasefindthis The world speeds on apart from us. I watch our love in slow motion, and you leave me gasping for breath.

alanzongo all of my memories are a little fuzzy. they fly by too fast to decipher. except you. #pleasefindthis

sarahradzif Everywhere I go is everywhere you've been; so I ride this train, hoping that I'll catch up to you someday. #pleasefindthis

Riven16 I wait here for you, but you got off at a different station. #pleasefindthis

i_am_looby #pleasefindthis It's only a matter of time before the world spins in such a way that we meet again. Maybe we owe us another chance. Maybe.

sundaymorninq @pleasefindthis I took the train all the way here to see you but the station's empty.I guess I'll just sit here a while,then.#pleasefindthis

cerebralcereal Cables are tangled. A constant disconnection. My words don't reach you. #pleasefindthis

hayleyyyyyyyyyy If I have to wait for you, I will. I'll wait for the morning; I'll wait for the train; I'll wait forever. #pleasefindthis

nostoc07 #pleasefindthis It's not late to be me

samengtweets As kids, I once chased you to find my toy train back. We are grown up now. Now I chase the train to find you. #pleasefindthis

nostoc07 #pleasefindthis When I feel lonely, I sit tight infront of a mirror and I meet You

ballerinababy #pleasefindthis the world looks so unique through a sheet of tears.

ballerinababy #pleasefindthis the days converge. the bus becomes the train becomes the road. you are the only thing that is focused in the blur.

alviealvie Forever is not a long time. It's 5 mins, 20 days, 7 years. It's now. It's when the train moves and we move at the same time. #pleasefindthis

cheezzlez we're both running on the same lane. but you accelerate too fast. maybe that's why i can't catch up to you #pleasefindthis

MajorProblem This train does not take me to you, but it might take me that little bit closer. #pleasefindthis

sarahradzif And I realised, a second too late, that you won't wait for me this time. #pleasefindthis

kisa_chan And I guess it's okay. Because you never promised me my money back if this train didn't stop where I wanted it to. #pleasefindthis

nithyaravi Everytime I looked for you, all I kept seeing was myself. #pleasefindthis

eznmonsod #pleasefindthis : It was a blur, we didn't have time to stop but we had time to feel, remember not the moment but the road to our lifetime.

muzyena #pleasefindthis I see you when i see things blurry.

MEANIEBUM #pleasefindthis The world may keep on moving but my heart has stopped beating because you are no longer here

white_russian #pleasefindthis While the world outside passes by in a chaotic jumble, you keep me still. You are my bullet train.

mareodomo I know the routes you take. Because I used to take them too. & sometimes I think I see you. But you're going the other way. #pleasefindthis

ericamayer To hell with the scheduled stops. I'm on my way, right now. Everyone else can wait. #pleasefindthis #haiti

therodent ...and I will allow you to love what I never could #pleasefindthis

thisisrameh why did you have to leave before i could say goodbye? #pleasefindthis

ericamayer yesterday I was the tracks. Today, the train. Don't worry, no freight or heavy load can keep me stop, you. #pleasefindthis

nuaqueen Ghosts of the past. Journey at the present. Chances in the future. They all collide into one. #pleasefindthis

white_russian #pleasefindthis Believe me when I say that I'm on my way home to you. It's just that I don't know where on earth you are.

Dylziee I'll wait for you. And the day you realise you were wrong, I would have already picked up the pieces of you and left. #pleasefindthis

awkwardsmile 500 miles and strangers in a stranger town. I'd cross them all to be with you. #pleasefindthis

Facebook Entries

I can only catch a glimpse of your smeared handprint in the perspiration of the window as the train turns the corner and disappears. But this is not where your journey ends. The train will come back again to a platform full of new faces and new stories. And someone will reach out and place their palm against yours.

- Jenny Bean

Koh Cai Ling Were you really there? That long-drawn yet fleeting moment of closeness, your hair soft on my skin, words whirling in my head like the speed of the train, I wanted to tell you, I wanted to shout to you (before I'm gone), I will miss you.

- Koh Cai Ling

Sahana Prasad For that split second before the train turns the corner, before you fade away into darkness, while I am breathlessly chasing every last hope, while your nose presses against the glass and you draw your heart in what's left of your breath on the window, I need you to know I will wait at this station every day of my life until you come home.

- Sahana Prasad

Michelle Perkowski It takes more than proximity to create love, and more than distance to take it away. I will send you hugs in an envelope and hope through radio waves. A thousand miles is nothing. I always liked long train rides, anyways.

- Michelle Perkowski

The End Of The Tunnel

The world can seem dark and loud and damp and crowded. The world moves too fast. But all you have to do is hold on; just keep going, keep believing, and eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. And you will emerge into bright pastures and everything will be as it ought to be.

- Andrew Kinney

The way you knew me was much different than the way they know me. But, be it timing or lighting, things are different now. Would you even recognize me if we were to bump shoulders in this crowded place?

- Mary Roney

Bob Casasola you are unique. even your own reflection won't get to show all of you as clear as you can possibly be. never forget that.

- Bob Casasola

Soon I wonder why everything is dark. Like a black hole holding everything in, Leaving the rest on the other side apart; It all starts where my emotions begin.

- Cosimo DeFrancesco

I used to know my Thoughts, And Life, and the Lines. Now I know you.

- Jonathan Best

You plunge into my emptiness at the speed of light and suddenly i see the abyss within. So derail me then re-lay the tracks; and I'll find my way home to the rest of your world.

- Chong Hwee Jane

I’m safe inside. No matter what you say or do. Leave your messages, buy your flowers…the compost heap enjoys them.This is a new journey…watching…waiting…till I decide to jump off…..

- Amina Hoosain

When bombs rocked the trains in London & Madrid, my heart detonated. Take all my love wherever you're bound. To Aruba and Zaire. And beyond.

- Heidi Tan


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