Friday, February 12, 2010

The Train To Light

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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Bridge To Nowhere

Some people leave the porch lights on. Me, I build roads and bridges and put up flashing billboard signs. Anything, everything it takes to lead you back home.

- Alexandrea Roman

I burnt all my bridges in hope that someone would be there waiting for me on the other side, that you would be there with open arms. But you weren't and now I'm left stranded with no one and nothing except my dignity.

Thank you.

- Kyra Jacques

Facebook Winners (Tie)

I am coming. I am pushing towards you. And even though you may never know me, the movement keeps me from drowning.

- @alissasorenson (Twitter Winner)

I've told you everything I dream about my future and the person I could be.

Except for how you don't fit into the picture.

- A. (Blogger Winner)

Facebook Entries


Luisa Bier - Because of you I felt what was like to have my heart broken. Broken into pieces so small that I may never be able to walk again. And still I want you to be the one to reconstruct me. I want you, only you, no one but you… even knowing you’re leaving me now. And there’s nothing I can do but silently cry as you go away.

Nick DiDonna - i love you and all, but sometimes you make me want to jump off of bridges instead of ride over them.

Alyssa Fayman Jensen - Please don't burn your bridges. They're the only way I can reach you now.

Therese Ire Bongo - You try and try to rebuild the bridge, but all I will ever do is try harder and harder to rebuild my walls.

Karrigan Monk He wanted to take something of you with him. He's going on a journey that might be dangerous and he didn't want to put you in harm's way.

Kyra Jacques - I burnt all my bridges in hope that someone would be there waiting for me on the other side, that you would be there with open arms. But you weren't and now I'm left stranded with no one and nothing except my dignity.

Thank you.

Alexandrea Roman - Some people leave the porch lights on. Me, I build roads and bridges and put up flashing billboard signs. Anything, everything it takes to lead you back home.

Koh Sze Lin - Im driving down to see you but I see your car going in the direction Im coming from,
then I called to ask where you were you told me ,
"I miss you, Im on the way to your house"

Alexandrea Roman - Isn't it sad that the very bridge you built to reach others is the same bridge you now use to run away from them?

Scøtt Shea - everytime I see you, I flinch.

Scøtt Shea - I really want to lay down and look up at the sky; Day or night. Just for a while, in a quiet bliss

Alexandrea Roman - The longest bridge in the world is the inch that separates my fingers from yours when I am sitting next to you.

Alexandrea Roman - Your hand in mine should have been enough to assure me that you are here. But my eyes on yours reveal that you are actually somewhere else.

Sacha Brooks - The Bridge To Nowhere

This is the halfway point, the moment suspended in time where everything is nothing. This is it. What are you waiting for? Take my hand, pull me to the other side. Make up my mind.

Twitter Entries


@Karen Brand "I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like me."

@Scøtt Shea The bad thing about training is that it's tiring, painful and no fun. But so is losing.

@Scøtt Shea Where were you my whole life? Why did I have to wait so long to find you? I feel like I've known you forever.

@OtherGeorgeDub We've started crossing this bridge a thousand times, but we always end up back at the beginning.

@alviealvie It seems that you're moving away, further everyday. But we both know your heart will remain as still as the scenery from the bridge.

@maddieness Mine is a distraction. Yours is a masterpiece. The trees stand watching, mute witnesses through frosted glass. You are my moment.

@katedesmarais Because heads and hearts aren't meant to connect.

@ardentLESS it won't always feel this way, I promise. edges dull, somedays come. sun can't shine forever... please remember as if it does.

@ardentLESS the pace only quickens, never slows. you aren't meant to catch up, nor supposed to know.

@white_russian The longest bridge in the world is the inch that separates my fingers from yours when I am sitting next to you.

@alissasorenson I am coming. I am pushing towards you. And even though you may never know me, the movement keeps me from drowning.

Blogger Entries


xueni ; said...

It's a clearer picture now.

The bridge is moving, and the background stays unchanged.

We are going nowhere.

sa among baybayon sa bohol said...

I am coming home. 
But where is home? 
Home is within.

_anna said...

i'm still here standing, waiting... unmoved. waiting for the day you'll go back to this place where you shattered my heart, and maybe, just maybe, everything once again will be alright.

Cass said...

I'm doing anything, all I can do, to keep moving on. Though at the end of the day, I'm still here, waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

You're moving too fast for me to follow.
Slow down.
Do it for me.

Midge said...

If you lie down after me, others will follow. We can link arms and hold each other up. We can get anywhere, and then, by the force of our combined will, take anything. But first, you and I have to lie down together alone, and hope the others come. Otherwise, we might fall into the gap.

Anonymous said...

Wherever I go, I look for you. You are never there. I know you never will be. I still look anyway.

yasmine said...

it's not the destination, but the journey.

open your eyes. the view is great.

Anonymous said...

It's all relative.

The more you move forward, the more I retreat into our past. Even if all I do is stand still.

I hope you see the world for me.

Anonymous said...

You and I are more than just dots on a map. We are more than just a series of coincidences. We may meet, pass and never say a word again but your heart will always be my home.

J said...

Memories are an obligation, they came with our heart and mind in a single package. But to reminisce or not is a decision we ought to make.

Jonathan said...

Just because I only saw you once, doesn't mean I haven't stopped thinking about you.

J said...

I don't need fire to burn you. My words will do.

thirte3n said...

The best thing for me,
is to stay here with you,
but that's the worst I could do to you.

The best thing for you,
is for me to cross that brigde and disappear,
but that's the worst thing I can do to myself.

But it's the best I can do for us both.
Take good care of yourself.

A. said...

I've told you everything I dream about my future and the person I could be.

Except for how you don't fit into the picture.

showmewhatyoucan_hurtmeifyouwantto said...

I want you to know that when I walk away I wont be coming back. I wont be glancing over my shoulder or wondering if you're watching me retreat. I wont be turning around because I just dont see that as a possibility. 

But I want you to know that I wont be forgetting. That's not a possibility either.

sa among baybayon sa bohol said...

Things will be better for us. Do not be scared, little one.

keaira said...

you are going places. 
bring my heart with you.

*~PinkTangerine~* said...

Not knowing where to go, you got in your car and drove until the sun came up. Past rivers and bridges with out a thought until you stopped, looked around and saw that no one there knew you, no one there would hold your hand. Then you turned around.

Grace Yeoh said...

I wish I understood why you keep me locked up from the world. I wish I understood that when I broke the chains, your heart broke too. I wish I understood that I should have stayed when you told me to go. Mostly, I wish I understood that freedom is seldom free.

Credenza said...

I looked forward while you kept retreating. 

Maybe that's why we both ended up somewhere in the middle. Two people caught up in the collision of life.

kanilyn said...

Streets are streets, no matter the length (or quality, or where they may lead). Strangers are strangers, no matter their race (or status or smiles).

And maybe what you want to escape can't be outrun, maybe what you're looking for can't be found in any corner of the world. It doesn't matter where you go if you have no one to go there with.

theaspenskyline said...

After seeing you on the other side of the screen, 
I realized I liked you better as a stranger.

Anonymous said...

It took me until the end of this bridge to realize that the only person who could ever catch me, is you.

greeneyedlady said...

You said you'd take a piece of me with your wherever you went. That is why I feel so incomplete every time you leave.

chapter & verse said...

This is the way the world looked to us. Before the sun turned cold and gray. Before the oceans started taking over the cities. Before love was a synonym for hurt. Before you lost your last butterfly. Before the monsters jumped out from under your feet. Before your diamond dreams turned into coals.
We are more alike than you think. Turn the radio off so we can talk about love.

nicola said...

I’m wondering if I can breathe under water while trapped in this car. I'm thinking I can only if your lips are pressed against mine. I'm sorry if this is a horrible excuse to get you to kiss me, but either way it will save my life. Practice makes perfect, but one kiss should do the trick.

Shwetz said...

Beyond the Obvious ...

ace of hearts said...

he tells you he wanted you to realize you have a life without him but what he's really trying to show you is he has a life without you.

Nikk said...

You forgot to look back.

:) said...

A piece of me is missing your last goodbye, your last hug...
your last touch.

I recall, as a child, holding my face against the window in the backseat of the old car.
The window was cold, as was the day...
as was you.

Sydney Stern said...

There are clouds underneath your feet dear
and wind on your fingertips
but as long as you never look straight down
the fall is never nearly as hard.

clare. said...

It took me until now to realize that the drive home has always been from your house. The same darkness, the same stars overhead and headlights in the night, and the same song reminding me,
You are there
and I am here,
because this is what I wanted.

The morning feels no better.

Anonymous said...

You are the sun, and you are the shadow. How do I escape from that?

Anonymous said...

I could call you when I arrive. But I know I won't.

Anonymous said...

I want to go back to the days when I thought you were everything I ever wanted.

But we can't, because you burned that bridge down a long time ago.

Blacksmithwife said...

I'm sorry for crying too much in this journey with you. But now it ends, and I think I should've smile more. But if I have, I might still be with you now, continuing this journey...

dezz said...

The Private View

I remember your fear of heights as if it were my own. I trace the patterns like stitches on the lids of your eyes; you closed them so tight.
It's just a feeling.
Then it's gone.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Statue In The Sun

You thought it would be enough to turn and leave without saying goodbye. But now they live inside your head, word after word after.

- @awkwardsmile

I only believed everything you ever told me.

- @slowlyunfolding

(Twitter Winners: Tie)

Yesterday, I fought and stuttered.

Yesterday, I fumbled and stalled.

Yesterday, I held on until there was nothing left.

But today, I let go. Because today, I realized I can shine without you.

- Anonymous

(Blogger Winner)

You once told me that sunshine never fails to make you happy while rainy days always get you down. I forgot to remind you then that sometimes the rain softens what the sun hardens.

- Alexandrea Roman

(Facebook Winner)


@SeeHood i hope you like who you('ve) become.

@ardentLESS the edge of extinction crosses here and simple things die where stone touches stone but the light will last forever where we meet.

@ardentLESS unanswered prayers fall into shadows. stay a little longer. we can pretend they'll return to us brighter.

@vivajuliana There will always be a shadow behind me. I'm hoping you'll see my light.

@white_russian Close your eyes or look away, it does not matter to me. If I cannot be your light, then I will be your warmth.

@white_russian I made a sculpture of you after you left. I need you to come back to breathe life into it.

@white_russian I will bring you to hell and back if that is what it takes to melt the stone walls around your heart.

@angelaroseko Forget these stories about you and me. I don't need you. I just need me. But I lost myself in you.

@angelaroseko Once you decide to give me that second glance, I'll be gone.

@hayleyyyyyyyyyy They can only take what you give them. Don't give up so easily.

@Kristin1FEU1h9 ...and I will allow you to love what I never could

@Arne86 I'm leaving because of you. My heart can't take this.

@windowsxt There's nothing that can make you feel good without addiction. Even love has its own withdrawal effects.

@Arne86 Our mutual fear of rejection shouldn't hold us back any longer, let go, stop wasting time & start making memories.

@windowsxt: For the broken bones will mend and memories will fade. This pain will be long gone before you can even remember.

@windowsxt You don't have to constantly remind yourself of the need to feel happy, what you need to do is tell yourself not to be sad.

@windowsxt Hopefully, there'll be a day when I'm able to look at you and talk as though we've have barren the skeletons in our closet.


Rahul said...

as soon as we ended, u n me wer both meant to be sun burnt under each others eyes

Wingless Viet said...

While I was awed by the sun on your face, I never noticed the hurt held in your hands.

thirte3n said...

I wish I could be free of you the way you were free of me.

Anonymous said...

there was color in my world when you came, i had faith in you. and then you took them all away.


Anonymous said...

im here to see your smile. just for one last moment. so i could go home and make a statue out of it. cause thats all i need when you left me crying as you go away. iloveyou

Anonymous said...

I closed my eyes only to see black and white. You were the only one that made sense. I miss you.

keaira said...

i'll stay right here, on this spot. so that when you decide come back, you'll be able to find me, just right here, waiting.

Anonymous said...

Your crying is my shadow because,

Your laughing was my light,

I'm stuck between the both because,

I won't hold you tonight

kayla said...

I once read, "and if you really need him, fate won't let you lose him. Fate will bring him back. It may not be soon, but he will come back." So I waited. And I would wait forever, but not with this pain in my heart. I'm looking for the sun in a permanetly dark town, but maybe it'll show up once it gets bored of being lost. You were the one that saved me, and I'm wondering (read: hoping desperately) if you'll let me save you.

Credenza said...

You made me cry.

But that's okay. They were tears of joy, after all.

Anonymous said...

People only ever noticed when there was sadness in the world. They never realized that there was always a smile on your face. You dreamed of the day the world would change and you were willing to wait.

yasmine said...

yes, you're only one. one voice, one soul, one heart out of a million. but yes, the light could still shine on you.

don't give up.

L. said...

The sun decided to come out today. You're finally not alone.

Rifda said...

You could be the light or the shadow, I don't care. You could either see me in the face or hide behind my back, it doesn't matter.

Dear, it's always been you.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I fought and stuttered.

Yesterday, I fumbled and stalled.

Yesterday, I held on until there was nothing left.

But today, I let go. Because today, I realized I can shine without you.

Anonymous said...

Seeing you every day, it paralyzes me. I just stare at you. I memorize you, afraid you'll vanish while I stay inert. I just sit there. I remember what it's like to be in love and, more than anything, I remember that my cold, stone heart can melt and feel.

Anonymous said...

You shone a light on my fears and showed me I had nothing to be afraid of. Then you left and put all the lights out.

Anonymous said...

As long as the sun rises, you'll have another chance. But the world will move on without you.

Cai Ling said...

Beneath this, is a smile cracked with grief. After so many years.

Anonymous said...

I was cold granite before. Unfeeling and lifeless. But then there was you, appearing like the first rays of sun. Thawing my heart, releasing my soul.

You are my sun.

But deep down, I know you will leave again. Because it's what a sun must do.

C Renée said...

Maybe all the statues will crumble after we're gone. Maybe the sun will lack luster and conviction. Maybe everything will become dark and everyone will be lost. But if you stay and keep the sun shining, I'll keep building statues for you.

Mary said...

and it's nearly always because of you.

X said...

your shadow lingers long after you were gone. i will never be free of you.

Anonymous said...

My favourite word is the word, “heart”. There are so many reasons as to why this word is my favourite but I will tell you none, except for one. I do not have to dissect my heart to see the blood coursing through my veins to know that I am alive. It is my favourite because the word “heart” is a euphony that is a monument to your existence.

And that keeps me alive.

Anonymous said...

let me be the one who shines with you.

BrightLightsandStarlitSkies said...

And when you were done ripping me apart, I rebuilt myself with brick so that no one could get in.

Carmen said...

Yesterday I forgot you.

Today I remembered you.

In the next hour, I may love you or hate you.

You've built a cornerstone in my life, and you won't move. But I have to, even with all this dead weight.

I'll keep shining.

Treasure said...

Our love is like an ancient diety: pure, slightly frightening, unaccessible.

A lot like you.

n said...

They say we aren't a match. How a flame in our name wouldn't hold any merits. So we create one. Then use it to prove them all wrong. We will expose them to their core. All their dirty secrets, bad decisions and deep scars. We will teach them to never doubt. We will show them that it is written in stone. But most importantly, we will steal their smiles.


Nicho Venter - Constantly aching for you, filled with desire with a heart that is exploding with emotion, will you ever find what you are looking for?, and will it be me???

Elyssa Ellie Marcelle - You made a foreign noun and a verb seem so natural to me. Through tender palpation of the chest, the heart beats so rhythmically, like a veteran pianist perfecting every note. Love itself is beautiful.

We met in trembling hope, with hearts overflowing with love. With initial perception of perfection of each other, it is... during this journey that the semblance of perfection is broken, knowingly filled with imperfections and mandatorily seeking to accept these imperfections. It takes efforts of the world combined to establish a tender union, but just a trifling misunderstanding to rend asunder those ties, that should not be the way.

If you could give us a chance to show, to reignite this love again.

Because, I am very much in love with you.

Chong Hwee Jane - The Daytime Darkness. Sealing away your sadness in stone won't help you see the light, even when it's blinding you. But until you learn to radiate your own warmth, I'll lend you mine, so at least you'll still be able to smile on the surface.

Marissa Cheney - I smile thinking of you, but that is only if the sun is shining. The rest of the time I am lost in the crowd in the shadows. Thinking of you with an aching heart.

Dorothe Smit - It's not the sunshine that makes you feel better. It's the thought that like winter, everything else will pass too.

Pascale Tellier The Looking Closer. When you look back at how things were, you remember the final moments in which I made you a fool for loving me.

But you don't remember the beginning, in which I became someone worthy of your love.

That's in the past too.

Hanny 'Kiko' Larasati Imania - The sun used to warm your heart, and your warm heart used to warm mine. But you're as cold as a marble statue now, and no matter how hot the sun be, it won't warm your heart again. And so your heart gone cold... and it cold mine too

Alexandrea Roman - You once told me that sunshine never fails to make you happy while rainy days always get you down. I forgot to remind you then that sometimes the rain softens what the sun hardens.

Alexandrea Roman - Close your eyes or look away, it does not matter to me. If I cannot be your light, then I will be your warmth.

Alexandrea Roman - I made a sculpture of you after you left. I need you to come back to breathe life into it.

Alexandrea Roman - I will bring you to hell and back if that is what it takes to melt the stone walls around your heart.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Pieces You Left Behind

I wouldn't have fallen for you if I knew that you weren't going to pick me up off the floor.

- Anonymous (Blogger Winner)

I promise to clean up in the morning. Tonight, just let me fall apart as I watch you walk away.

- white_russian (Twitter Winner)

You’re a collector of souls, hearts and minds. You charm people out of their interest, impress them out of their respect, trick them into needing you and nurture the love out of their chests. But the one thing you've never been able to steal, take, or thieve is the ability to reciprocate. And for that, I pity you.

- Sam Shatz (Facebook Winner)



Anonymous said...

"Those three words. I never realised how much I needed to hear them until right now. Until you decided I wasn't allowed them anymore. Until you decided that we didn't need them; that not having them around would somehow make us better people."

Joyce M said...

"I know you know that I know you don't care. I just need you to look me in the eyes once more and tell me you really don't, eventhough I'll hurt for the rest of this millenium, eventhough it'll steal my sanity away."

keaira said...

i've been searching, for that last note you gave me before you left; the one note that i had carelessly thrown away along with my heart.

Liz said...

They look at me and see shattered glass. But you saw crystals painting rays across white walls. Your eyes filled with wonder and you decided to keep me. I was not disposable. I was beautiful. You made me beautiful.

Anonymous said...

"And I could look deeply into those same hazel-grey eyes and see no resemblence.
But that's okay.
Because it's different now.
I don't love you.

And pigs fly."

Melanie Chan said...

They say that one man's trash is another's treasure.
But I've been searching with all my might, and all I can find is a ruined soul.

Yes, I'm losing hope.
Yet, I still love you.
Please, give me a sign. I know there's a part of you that still glitters.

Melanie Chan said...

And at the end of the day, when everyone's gone and the lights go dim, I'll still be here. I will always be here, until the day you force me to leave. Then I'll go. And eventually, everyone will forget about me. But this place won't.

(I loved you, you know.)

Anonymous said...

Love me or leave me; an independent soul remains.

슈퍼 레이치 said...

And I will erase all your songs in my playlist, remove all traces of you.

Because I must. Because it's better to leave first than be left alone.

But that doesn't mean I don't love you; Because I do, because I have, as much as I possibly could. And it will never be enough.


boycottbananas said...

There's only so much we can do to stop this. But when the world ends, I'll still be standing. And I hope that you'll be standing with me, too.

Nikk W. said...

I can't look at you right now.

But when I can, I won't be here.

Anonymous said...

And we collided and crashed, like two meteors floating through the dark- fighting it out with our words and our teeth until we reduced to nothing but the dust they frown at beneath their feet. You and I were just waiting on some sort of gravity to pull us home.

We broke each other's falls.
But, then again, we were each other's falls.

mm...Linda? said...

When they come to pick at our remnants, they'll find skeletons, they'll find trash. But the dust that is what's left of our hearts burned hot like a volcano. Our hearts were stars and young diamonds, but all they'll find is ash.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have fallen for you if I knew that you weren't going to pick me up off the floor.

Credenza said...

I was swept away by you, your dreams and hopes and fears, everything that you could offer. But in the end you took my heart, my soul and dumped the rest behind in a whirl of loose papers and one-second apologies.

Anonymous said...

I want to sweep the floor clean of you
Burn every last remnant
So that the only remaining thought left in the world about you
Lies here with me.

Laura said...

We're all a little bit like the garbage man, each and every day. We throw things, and even people out. But one person's trash could be another person's treasure. And sweetheart, you're here to stay.

Samantha said...

Memories can't be thrown away. They are merely stored aside, waiting for me to find them again.

You can't be forgotten. You are merely missed, waiting for love to find you again.

catchingacolder said...

When you got here, I was surprised and then happy. And now I'm alone again.
Everything is going back the way it was, only worse because of everything you left.
And now I have to pick up the pieces.

Lady Gray said...

The grit under your feet is not the dust that lives on neglect. It's all the letters of my favorite words that you take with you each time you walk away.

rahul kanchan said...

its only about time , and when i find will know that i have changed for good...

Anonymous said...

I'll whistle while I work. Because I get to go home to you and not worry about anything else.

Anonymous said...

Someday I will make bricks from the ashes and build a big gray castle somewhere.

Tramadol said...

I do what everyone else doesn't want to and that's how I have come to know the reasons behind your tears, your smiles and your laughter.

But that's also why you haven't seen me.



MadmansDaughter Everything is in place, everything on time, everything is where it should be because i wish you were mine.

ardentLESS I know it doesn't feel this way now but the ground will be there when you pick yourself up and walk away from all this.

zee1091 My secrets won't be revealed -- unless someone will dare to see them in a different perspective. I'll keep them locked in. When the time comes that it's already full -- I'll be able to tell you everything.

zee1091 This is what I always do. I pick up the pieces -- and eventually throw them.

ColorsOnThePage Sometimes, I find things that remind me of you. And I reminisce about all those memories we never got the chance to make.

ColorsOnThePage You and I are both the same kind of empty, the kind of empty that when you put our pieces together we make a whole.

ardentLESS separation cleans the slate. can we start over? it all looks brand new.

samengtweets I pick up the pieces you threw out, so that one day, we can make it whole again.

signorekai You're not anything anymore. For the sake of myself I must stop scavenging. After just this one more, I will.

kisa_chan: The Earth will forget me. And so will you. You will forget me and I will be lost.

MadmansDaughter In the stillness of my heart and in my solitude, i can feel the warmth of a presence.. and that presence is my own

thirte3n Unfortunately for you, I am ardently in love with you. Unfortunately for me, you don't feel the same way about me.

ColorsOnThePage When words seem unfounded and the romanticism of waiting all night for you loses appeal.When I feel like giving up,but wont.

rehabc 'At times, finding shards of glass is the same as a torn greeting card or a scratched letter full of 'Please Come Back'

kisa_chan The Earth will forget me. And so will you. You will forget me and I will be lost.

roydechavez I can't decide: whenever I'm with you, is the world spinning out madly around us, or is it just a humdrum case of vertigo?

dissinea You are more than a label to be tossed aside. You are more than dust. The heart of the world knows that you are luminous.

blueSKIES247 the ones you pass without a second glance are the ones who truly need it.

blueSKIES247 you clean up the world to hide the mess that is your life. But who is there to pick up -your- pieces?

outintheflowers you're the one i see on the street corner, fighting for your cause. and one day, i'll fight for mine too.

dissinea Now, the only thing to remember is the stillness that remains after everything else falls away. The real you resides there.

hayleyyyyyyyyyy The thing is, I don't think I want to wait for you. But it's a habit that I don't know how to break.

white_russian Picking up the pieces is the only thing I know because breaking me is the only thing you did.

white_russian I promise to clean up in the morning. Tonight, just let me fall apart as I watch you walk away.

ninja_sunshades Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Please pick up the pieces with me.

maddieness You insisted that perfection was a flaw. Still, there was never a need to be broken to be flawed.

Dylziee I will always love you, no matter what.

vivajuliana You disposed of me so easily. But I'll become something new. I'll be refined. And someone will want to keep me forever.

maddieness Someday you'll find the things you'd gotten rid off are treasures in someone else's chest. Someday you'll want them back.

maddieness This is just another bag of wasted words to you. But it's nothing new, I'll pick some more for you to throw away tomorrow.

nuria_sm At the end of the day, he is the one who will be there to pick up the pieces.

alviealvie I tried to pick up traces of your footprints, but it's just another never-ending tale.

white_russian So far I've put in 11,376 extra hours to clean up the mess you left behind. And yet I'm not even halfway done.

Chong Hwee Jane you fill me so full that i overflow but then you walk away. and i'm still waiting for you to come and help me breathe again.

Gillihoe I do what no one else wants to and that's how I know the reasons behind your tears & your smiles. And that's also why you don't see me.

nandrawr And I rummage through for the heart you dispose of recently. I'd wipe off the dust, make it all brand new. I would do it just for you.

kayaaa I'm tired of watching your back fade away while the sky turns to gray, but I guess I'll be okay because you'll be back ...

madhattie Your life is not wasted just because you're not in a relationship right now. You touch the lives of people every day.

fanplankton i know it's your job to clean up messes and i'm not going to stop you. but i am not a mess; i'm a person and you can't fix me.

madhattie That's my heart. Just because it's broken, it doesn't mean you can just sweep it aside.



And so you left... and the bottle empty again... and it's either going to be refilled or it's going to be dumped...

- Hanny Larasati Imania

And this I promise you: I will come back, transformed, as many times as you will throw me away.

- Alexandrea Roman

I'm not the glue for your broken pieces. You are.

- Alexandrea Roman

Sometimes, when I look closely, the dirt is still visible in between the tiny cracks. I remember when I used to rub it clean to no avail, but I have come to accept the fact that a part of you is meant to stay. Now, all I have to do is look away.

- Alexandrea Roman

You only needed me when you're being trashed. then you just walk away. that's okay, i'll be waiting for the next cleaning duty.

- Ahmad Zamakhsyari Sidiq

You walk past me every day yet you; pretend I'm not there, pretend I'm invisible, it's more convenient for you. You slip by once more and you; pretend you never knew, pretend that my heart isn't breaking in two, it's more convenient for you.

- Asheika Sood

When I was strong enough to love myself, I mopped up my soul with tears, emptied your garbage for the last time, and threw away the recycling bin.

- Carrie Kray

It isn't a pick-me-up you need. And I want to
be treasured, not trashed.

- James Neil

You're a collector of souls, hearts and minds. you charm people out of their interest, impress them out of their respect, trick them into needing you and nurture the love out of their chests. but the one thing you've never been able to steal, take, or thieve is the ability to reciprocate. and for that, i pity you.

- Sam Shatz

Oh, did I just put you there? I'm definetely gonna regret it, but trust me... It's not a mistake.

- Hanny Larasati Imania

Just wait a sec. I still need the trash bin. I'm not finish sorting my memories yet.

- Hanny Larasati Imania

At the end of the day, he is the one who will be there to pick up the pieces.

- Nuria Sepulveda

There is no particular explanation for this; I was merely scanning for your presence. I'd do anything just to see you again.

- Michel Zhong

I hesitate, with this picture of you in my hand... Is it you, or is it the feeling for you I'm gonna dump...

- Hanny Larasati Imania

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The Last Train Home

It wasn't that you left me, it was how. And it's not that I miss you, it's what you're missing.

@fanplankton (Twitter Winner)

One of those days that doesn't leave you breathless, doesn't leave you wanting more. It just leaves you.

- Laura Steer (Facebook Winner)


Twitter Entries

nadis #pleasefindthis I'd move heaven and earth to see you again. I tried. They moved. You didn't.

alanzongo i never stopped trying to catch up with you. then i realised you were the one who was finding it hard to keep up with me. #pleasefindthis

eriecz sometimes i forgot that the one who's sitting next to me is not you anymore. #pleasefindthis

hayleyyyyyyyyyy I wish I could think of the right words to say, but, as it turns out, when it comes to you the right words just don't exist. #pleasefindthis

_niclee It doesn't bother me that we might run out of sweet nothings someday. We can always find something else to do with our lips. #pleasefindthis

ardentLESS I see your eyes in the rush but my hands can't keep pace. I say "any longer is a luxury." you uncross your legs. #pleasefindthis

madhattie #pleasefindthis My heart is the station in your hometown, and you can never miss the last train home.

ShelleyB1980 #pleasefindthis It is not the train speeding you away from me that scares me. What scares me is the promise of its eventual return.

kayaaa #pleasefindthis I could never forget what you look like when you're smiling. Or walking away from me.

xotinamarie And I don't care where you go.. So long as I am your last train home #pleasefindthis

whosoftlyasks I thought I saw you yesterday.Only, you looked straight at me without speaking.That is to say, I'm sure I saw you yesterday. #pleasefindthis

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis Even as the mountains crumble, the oceans dry, and the sky begins to fall; I'll love you. And that's the problem.

ColorsOnThePage I am static on the phone far away.But one day you will have more than just the night wrapping you in its arms as you sleep. #pleasefindthis

madhattie #pleasefindthis Just because this train heads home, you don't have to end up there. Let's make an adventure. I'll pay for your ticket.

madhattie #pleasefindthis This line is closed for maintenance. Repairs will be made as soon as possible. You'll be home soon. Meanwhile, stay with me.

justlikealways #pleasefindthis I would turn around and look back if you could promise that there would be something to see.

ninja_sunshades I know your world is spinning but there's just something so poetic about you and all your problems. #pleasefindthis

dal_cuore The Return. I saw in its reflection someone we once knew. I've waited in silence long enough. I'm coming, I'll find you. #pleasefindthis

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis We loved. We loved like the destined in fairytales. Except, we were not destined to love but to have loved. We were great.

omgitskyla i am the ocean and you are the moon. you keep pulling me in. but just when i think i've reached you, i'm pulled away again #pleasefindthis

Verbalina I know you won't be visiting me next week...just like the previous missed visits #pleasefindthis

Kanilyn I watch your smile through the reflection of windows and eyes of a coward- If I look you in the eye, I might turn to stone #pleasefindthis

dyezebel all this time i thought you were beside me, only to find that you had gone, and i was left behind. motionless. #pleasefindthis

Bismystagename I can't decide: whenever I'm with you, is the world spinning out madly around us, or is it just a humdrum case of vertigo? #pleasefindthis

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis Deceit. Betrayal. Walls. Moats. I've tried everything. Time won't stop and you won't stay. I was just another stop.

TsubasaDreams #pleasefindthis Maybe I'll fall asleep/Maybe miss that stop/Buy more time/But all trips end eventually & all I can look back on are ruins

bamitsnatty #pleasefindthis I said that you yourself must be happy before making others happy. You said you understood. I was glad. Then you left.

ColorsOnThePage I'm sorry I knocked it down.But I'll build you that castle all over again,and inside will be your heart,forever kept by me. #pleasefindthis

Ningsters There are so many ways to get to you. But all I want is some shelter and a coffee. #pleasefindthis

serrarogers #pleasefindthis The clock is ticking. Keep your eyes on the beautiful things for you never know when it will be the last thing you see.

mmmchocolatey We said we'd love each other forever. I didn't realize that meant only until the rain stopped. #pleasefindthis

AnIndigoMoon #pleasefindthis We need the unreality, the blur of love blindsiding us, to be able to function. I've lied every time I said 'I love you.'

blueSKIES247 it's lonely times like these when i think of you and wonder if you're thinking of me and wondering if i'm thinking of you. #pleasefindthis

vivajuliana High above this town, I can figure out a rhyme and a reason to us. But what happens when I fall back down to earth? #pleasefindthis

blueSKIES247 you are fast. you loved me and then you were gone, before i had the chance love you back. you know you have brakes, right? #pleasefindthis

outintheflowers for once, i know you're the one waiting for me. #pleasefindthis

OtherGeorgeDub When we're together, the rest of the world flies by like the landscape through the window of a speeding train. I like that. #pleasefindthis

MadmansDaughter #pleasefindthis i will still seek to love the one i'm suppose to love... i still need to choose to you, more than you'll ever know

carebearstare Everything is fast. Everything blurs. Let speed fuel your heartbeat and breathe the seconds before you drown. Don't stop. #pleasefindthis

AmaliaAmelia #pleasefindthis And is time for you to walk, to stand in the rain and hear what's fall.

ladygray87 #pleasefindthis The world speeds on apart from us. I watch our love in slow motion, and you leave me gasping for breath.

alanzongo all of my memories are a little fuzzy. they fly by too fast to decipher. except you. #pleasefindthis

sarahradzif Everywhere I go is everywhere you've been; so I ride this train, hoping that I'll catch up to you someday. #pleasefindthis

Riven16 I wait here for you, but you got off at a different station. #pleasefindthis

i_am_looby #pleasefindthis It's only a matter of time before the world spins in such a way that we meet again. Maybe we owe us another chance. Maybe.

sundaymorninq @pleasefindthis I took the train all the way here to see you but the station's empty.I guess I'll just sit here a while,then.#pleasefindthis

cerebralcereal Cables are tangled. A constant disconnection. My words don't reach you. #pleasefindthis

hayleyyyyyyyyyy If I have to wait for you, I will. I'll wait for the morning; I'll wait for the train; I'll wait forever. #pleasefindthis

nostoc07 #pleasefindthis It's not late to be me

samengtweets As kids, I once chased you to find my toy train back. We are grown up now. Now I chase the train to find you. #pleasefindthis

nostoc07 #pleasefindthis When I feel lonely, I sit tight infront of a mirror and I meet You

ballerinababy #pleasefindthis the world looks so unique through a sheet of tears.

ballerinababy #pleasefindthis the days converge. the bus becomes the train becomes the road. you are the only thing that is focused in the blur.

alviealvie Forever is not a long time. It's 5 mins, 20 days, 7 years. It's now. It's when the train moves and we move at the same time. #pleasefindthis

cheezzlez we're both running on the same lane. but you accelerate too fast. maybe that's why i can't catch up to you #pleasefindthis

MajorProblem This train does not take me to you, but it might take me that little bit closer. #pleasefindthis

sarahradzif And I realised, a second too late, that you won't wait for me this time. #pleasefindthis

kisa_chan And I guess it's okay. Because you never promised me my money back if this train didn't stop where I wanted it to. #pleasefindthis

nithyaravi Everytime I looked for you, all I kept seeing was myself. #pleasefindthis

eznmonsod #pleasefindthis : It was a blur, we didn't have time to stop but we had time to feel, remember not the moment but the road to our lifetime.

muzyena #pleasefindthis I see you when i see things blurry.

MEANIEBUM #pleasefindthis The world may keep on moving but my heart has stopped beating because you are no longer here

white_russian #pleasefindthis While the world outside passes by in a chaotic jumble, you keep me still. You are my bullet train.

mareodomo I know the routes you take. Because I used to take them too. & sometimes I think I see you. But you're going the other way. #pleasefindthis

ericamayer To hell with the scheduled stops. I'm on my way, right now. Everyone else can wait. #pleasefindthis #haiti

therodent ...and I will allow you to love what I never could #pleasefindthis

thisisrameh why did you have to leave before i could say goodbye? #pleasefindthis

ericamayer yesterday I was the tracks. Today, the train. Don't worry, no freight or heavy load can keep me stop, you. #pleasefindthis

nuaqueen Ghosts of the past. Journey at the present. Chances in the future. They all collide into one. #pleasefindthis

white_russian #pleasefindthis Believe me when I say that I'm on my way home to you. It's just that I don't know where on earth you are.

Dylziee I'll wait for you. And the day you realise you were wrong, I would have already picked up the pieces of you and left. #pleasefindthis

awkwardsmile 500 miles and strangers in a stranger town. I'd cross them all to be with you. #pleasefindthis

Facebook Entries

I can only catch a glimpse of your smeared handprint in the perspiration of the window as the train turns the corner and disappears. But this is not where your journey ends. The train will come back again to a platform full of new faces and new stories. And someone will reach out and place their palm against yours.

- Jenny Bean

Koh Cai Ling Were you really there? That long-drawn yet fleeting moment of closeness, your hair soft on my skin, words whirling in my head like the speed of the train, I wanted to tell you, I wanted to shout to you (before I'm gone), I will miss you.

- Koh Cai Ling

Sahana Prasad For that split second before the train turns the corner, before you fade away into darkness, while I am breathlessly chasing every last hope, while your nose presses against the glass and you draw your heart in what's left of your breath on the window, I need you to know I will wait at this station every day of my life until you come home.

- Sahana Prasad

Michelle Perkowski It takes more than proximity to create love, and more than distance to take it away. I will send you hugs in an envelope and hope through radio waves. A thousand miles is nothing. I always liked long train rides, anyways.

- Michelle Perkowski

The End Of The Tunnel

The world can seem dark and loud and damp and crowded. The world moves too fast. But all you have to do is hold on; just keep going, keep believing, and eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. And you will emerge into bright pastures and everything will be as it ought to be.

- Andrew Kinney

The way you knew me was much different than the way they know me. But, be it timing or lighting, things are different now. Would you even recognize me if we were to bump shoulders in this crowded place?

- Mary Roney

Bob Casasola you are unique. even your own reflection won't get to show all of you as clear as you can possibly be. never forget that.

- Bob Casasola

Soon I wonder why everything is dark. Like a black hole holding everything in, Leaving the rest on the other side apart; It all starts where my emotions begin.

- Cosimo DeFrancesco

I used to know my Thoughts, And Life, and the Lines. Now I know you.

- Jonathan Best

You plunge into my emptiness at the speed of light and suddenly i see the abyss within. So derail me then re-lay the tracks; and I'll find my way home to the rest of your world.

- Chong Hwee Jane

I’m safe inside. No matter what you say or do. Leave your messages, buy your flowers…the compost heap enjoys them.This is a new journey…watching…waiting…till I decide to jump off…..

- Amina Hoosain

When bombs rocked the trains in London & Madrid, my heart detonated. Take all my love wherever you're bound. To Aruba and Zaire. And beyond.

- Heidi Tan